What Do My Notes Mean?


I am a student of Mr. Hooper and I have a question. What is b=d/t and is it the same as v=2(pi)r/t? I have it in my notes under linear/actual speed, but I don't remember exactly what it is.
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Since each physics professor or textbook author may choose her own notation I can not say for sure what b=d/t is. We may be quite confident that t represents time and if we take d to be distance, which is fairly standard, then b will be speed. If we are working in one dimension, speed and velocity are the same thing so the formula v=d/t is one you see quite often. It may be that you heard a "v" as a "b".

The formula v=2(pi)r/t would give us the average velocity around a circle of radius r. Not quite the same thing as the formula we had above but closely related.

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