Experiment for Third Law


hi my name is *****, before we went out of vacations our physic teacher let us a homework, it's about making an experiment of newtons 3rd law but i don't really understand it, and i also don't know any experiment so this is my big pleasing, if you could tell me an experimente of newton's 3rd law (how to make it)

thanlks for your help and attention


Newton's third law says that when two objects interact, let's call them object 1 and object 2, the force applied to object 2 by object 1 is exactly equal in magnitude and in the opposite direction to the force applied to object 1 by object 2. One experiment which demonstrates this is to roll one billiard (pool) ball into another so that they collide exactly head on. The incoming ball will give all its energy to the other ball and come to a stop. The struck ball will roll on with the same speed that the incoming ball had. This can only happen if Newton's third law holds true.

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