How Waves Form


hi, i want to know how the waves form. please answer this question thank you


There are many waves which we might discuss, sound waves, electromagnetic waves, ocean waves, and so on. It is not clear from your question exactly which you want to know about. My guess is that you want to know how water waves get started when wind blows across a calm surface. I will try to answer that one. If your question is about another kind of wave, let me know.

The fact is that no surface is perfectly smooth. Even an apparently calm pond has little discontinuities on the surface, bits of floating dust, tiny irregularities left over from old waves or something. The interaction of moving air on these surface defects starts a small ripple that offers even more grip on the water by the moving air. As the ripples increase in size the wind adds even more energy and the waves begin to build until the energy loss from the movement of the water matches the energy input from the wind. At this point we may see substantial waves whose size depends on the strength of the wind, its duration and the size of the body of water.

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