Life After Death Question


Can changing ones vibrations or frequencies allow one to experience altered realities?

Do you believe that we move to another dimension after death, rather that we exist at another frequency allowing ourselves to be free of the physics that currently control us on earth. Only light, or other waves that have no intrinsic mass(spirit), can move at the speed of light allowing an entity the freedom to travel between dimensions.



You pose an interesting series of questions that I am not qualified to answer. The word "vibrations" as you use it has a different meaning than the vibrations we speak about in physics. In physics, vibrations are actual oscillations of some measurable quantity like an object's position or the strength of an electric field. This sort of vibration is susceptible to measurement by instruments. One of the properties of physical vibrations is frequency, the number of time the system returns to its initial state per second. In the case of physical vibrations everyone who measures the frequency, or amplitude, or phase of the vibration will agree on the number they get. This agreement is taken to mean that the vibration has some objective physical reality, independent of the person observing it.

Your questions arise out of an interest in the subjective human experience. The nature of the interaction of people with one another and the universe at large is enormously more complicated than the interaction of bits of matter or electric charge with one another. In the face of this hopeless complication, people invent concepts like different realities, spirit, the soul and so on. In an attempt to make these concepts more manageable some people cloak them in the terms of science, invoking vibration, unseen dimensions, etc. In my experience these attempts to make a science out of human existence do not work very well. In fact they often lead to laughable inconsistencies.

I do in fact believe in continued consciousness after the death of the body but I do so as a matter of faith, not because I have placed scientific labels on the concept. In fact, as a person who understands more about the physical universe than most, I take great comfort in the idea that there are some things that we can know without understanding them. Gaining understanding takes considerable effort. If I were limited to believing only what I understand, my life would be terribly limited and I would be exhausted from the struggle to expand my horizons.

Certainly no one can disprove the notion that there is some sort of unobservable vibration going on in people, or that heaven is in fact another dimension, but in my opinion any attempt to apply the simple laws of physics to the messy existence of human beings in this life or the next is unlikely to lead to any useful predictions about the future.