Projectile With Air Resistance


I am trying to locate a formula that will let me shoot a projectile at a target that is at a different height and and allow for the wind. I hope you can get pointed in the right direction. Thank you.


Getting pointed in the right direction is the trick, isn't it? The wind seen by the projectile will be a relative wind, made up of a component due to the motion of the air relative to the Earth (true wind) and another component due to the motion of the projectile relative to the Earth (air resistance). The formula taking into account the force on the projectile due to gravity, the force due to true wind and the force due to air resistance is a non-linear differential equation, not susceptible to solution except by computer.

It is solvable by one of our programs, called MechLab. If you like you may purchase the program from our web site for $29.00. When you have the program I will help you set up the equations to generate the solution for your specific problem.

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