Weird Gravity and Other Ideas


I've recenetly heard from my teacher bout a nice mistery. There is a road in our city which has a wierd gravity field sorounding it. When you stand in the top of the road and spill water in a normal road they would go down , but in this "Magical" road the water actually climb up to u which is very weird. I've tried to find some information about this but couldnt. I wanted to know what is your opinion about why it has happend , i head alot of theories. Also i wanted to know what else happens in this weird road.

I've developed a small theory which talks about a wall of water... if you spill water then they will climb up but will stop when they will reach the end of the weird field so they wouldnt go up nor down cause if they will go up the normal gravitation will make them go down and if they will go down the weird gravitation will make them go up so they will go to the sides. My theory sais that if i'll block the sides and keep spilling water there will be a wall of water in the air. Now i have'nt tested it yet but will soon , i'm currently in the end of my Linear Algebra course so i dont have alot of free time. I would really aprishiate it if you will tell me what is your opinion about what will happen and why.

BTW i'm recenetly got interested with the relationship between different muleculars for example the light is consisted of muleculars if i'm not mistaken , then why cant we connect to this muleculars and catch a ride on the light? I know it sounds weird but i wondered why isnt it possible , could you plz explain


Regarding you water running uphill question. There are some places in the US and Canada where this phenomena is reported. In these cases the surrounding terrain does not give any good reference point like a distant horizon by which to judge the level of the ground, so what we think is uphill is actually slightly down. The issue is optical, not gravitational. I suspect that you would find the same situation if you look at it carefully.

Your idea of containing the lateral run off of the water near the boundary of the phenomena is interesting. In about fifty years of experience I have always found that when I had a notion that flew in the face of common sense, I was wrong. Common sense tells us that in the absence of some sort of externally applied force, water seeks its own level.

The thing that makes common sense "common" is that it represents the accumulation of experience by many people over a long period of time. I know it is tempting to think that we may happen to find the one exception to the common sense rule but is is unlikely. There are truly some mysteries in physics but they are buried so deeply that it takes a lifetime of study in some cases to even understand the question... And to date no one has found the answers.

The nature of light is one of those things that appears mysterious. The mystery arises when we try to describe light in terms of our ordinary experience. We have experience with waves like the waves on the water and we have experience with particles like pebbles. Light under some conditions acts like a wave and under other conditions acts like a particle. Only when we begin to think of light as something totally different, neither particle nor wave, does its behavior begin to make sense. In fact light does exert a pressure on solid objects but it is so tiny that riding a light beam is not in out immediate future.

By the way, do not let my attempts to clear up some mysteries discourage you from their study. You show an unusual talent for following a thought to its logical conclusion. You recognition that something measurable would happen at a boundary between normal and weird gravity is not something that everyone would think of.