Curly Gold Polar
Explanation of the Image...

Curly Gold Polar
This image, illuminated by the escape time algorithm, is created from the mathematical system defined by the expression z←z*z+c where z and c are complex numbers. The ← symbol signifies the iteration operation. The number z is the single state variable and the number c marks the place in the complex plane where the iteration begins. The map of all possible states for this system is just the complex plane. The domain of this image in the map of possible states is:
(-0.746684694, 0.11148175)/(-0.74657128, 0.11130596)
The depth of iteration is 200.

This image and the Curly Gold Rectangular image differ only in that the divergence threshold is calculated in polar coordinates here and in rectangular coordinates in the Curly Gold Rectangular image. Notice the extra scalloping in the background of the rectangular coordinate divergence threshold.

varies from the others in this row only by the depth of iteration so as to illustrate the effect of depth.