Explanation of the Image...

This image created with the spectrum intercept algorithm is based on the dynamical system expressed by,
x''= a*sin(ω*t+φ)-b*x-μ*(x2-1)*x',
where x' is the first derivative of x with respect to time, t, and x'' is the second derivative of x with respect to time.

The state variables here are x and x'. The domain of this image in the map of possible states for this system is,
(-11.8, 400)/(11.8, -400)

The parameters are,
a=1, ω=1, φ=0, b=1 and μ=1.

This image differs from the Instability image in that, in the spectrum intercept algorithm, here we integrate one fourth as long as in Instability, and in that the domain is somewhat increased here.