Litchfield Brick School

For a long time the intersection of the Libby, Hallowell and Plains Roads was called Potters Corner and the area was designated School District 12. The building was called the "Brick School" for most of its life. The Central School, built near the old site in 1949, provided elementary classrooms for the entire town until grades 7-9 were assigned to the Academy building in 1960.

The picture, taken about 1900, shows Rena (Ashford) Knight at the doorway in front of the teacher, Miles Dustin. Mrs. Knight, who later taught the school herself, remembers most of her schoolmates as follows. Mr. Dustin conveyed pupils from his Oak Hill neighborhood to the school in a covered cart - a forerunner of the school bus. These pupils included William and Leland Buker, Mr. Dustin's sons Clifton and Cecil and daughter Genevieve (fifth from right) and the "big boy", David Powers (third from left). From Pottertown came the two Verney boys, Lee and Walter, also Clyde Chase, Delmar Small, Willard Ashford and Edward Libby.

Litchfield Brick (Longfellow) school