Getting a Grip

I wrote about redirecting the stream of events, but how do people actually get a grip on the stream? I think that it begins with forming an intent and proceeds by controlling the body so as to improve the chances of meeting that intent. 

So what is involved in forming an intent?  If seems like that would be something happening in the cranial cavity, which is very nearly empty.  Still there are some baryons and leptons in the brain, each of which at the now instant have their own world line history in spacetime reaching back to about the time of the Big Bang.  Either the intent has been destined throughout all history to appear at a certain spacetime location, in which case we have no choice. Or the intent is an act of free will.  If the former, past, present and future are already determined, as suggested by the block universe theory.  If the latter, some sort of an animating principle must operate in the physical brain at the instant of now to enhance the future probability of that intent being realized.

The irreversibility of quantum state reduction which is not adequately accounted for in the block universe theory throws me out of that camp.  I have argued above, and experience seems to confirm, that now selects which future state of a system is realized at each instant.  At the quantum level where all state changes take place, this realization collapses the psi function to one of its possible futures.  Because the realized state in unpredictable we assume it happens by chance.  It sort of reminds me of the time a few decades ago when we thought that chaotic data was random.  Lack of predictability does not necessarily mean random. 

I suspect that the same animating principle that makes living beings different from inert matter (see The Nature of Objects) is capable of tinkering with which quantum state is realized in reduction.  If that were true then free will could reside in the animating principle and from time to time make its entry to the physical world by guiding state changes in the brain that put intent in memory.  Then the brain could retrieve the necessary instructions from memory to control the body in ways that enhance the probability of realizing the intent.  Or perhaps not.  Clearly I know nothing about this but it is fun to guess.