In addition to the common controls used in previous displays, we have two selector buttons to choose whether to view a Julia set or the Mandelbrot set. When the action is halted you may change set types using these buttons. The region of the complex plane displayed remains the same when you shift types. In this display the zoom feature is enabled. Click the mouse on one corner of a desired zoom rectangle and drag to the opposite corner. The area outlined on the screen will expand to fill the whole screen when you release the mouse button. The click Action to plot the expanded area of the set boundary.

The fixed point for the Julia set is the midpoint of the region of the complex plane displayed at the time you change to the Julia set type. With either type of set you may zoom in on a region of the screen by dragging the mouse cursor to define a rectangular area. To restore the limits to the default values, use the Reset button. If you find an image that is particularly appealing to you, send us an email with the image boundaries and if a Julia set, the coordinates of the fixed point in the complex plane. Perhaps we can share your discovery with other explorers.