In this view the position and velocity are treated as the coordinates of a two dimensional space and as the state of the system changes with time, the path of the state point through this 2D space is plotted.

An additional feature is added to the Phase Space Projection beginning with this display. Where clicking the mouse button in this view previously, only marked a point for reference, now by pressing and holding the mouse button and moving the mouse, you will draw a rectangular area on the screen. When you release the button, the area enclosed by the rectangle which you have drawn will expand to fill the entire drawing area, in effect zooming in on any artifacts enclosed in the box. If you change your mind after starting a zoom box, just move the mouse to collapse the box to either zero width or zero height and release the button. No zoom will occur. This is identical to the zoom feature in the phase-control map and complex sets displays. Take some time to play around with the zoom feature at this point.