In the phase-control map representation the exploration is in the two-dimensional phase-control space, which we have developed. In the Phase-Control Map Research display we introduce some new features and controls.

You now will have the ability to enter a value for the first and last iteration you wish to have plotted. You may enter any integer from 0 to 15000 in these fields. If you enter the numbers in the wrong fields, I will re-order them correctly. This range gives you great flexibility to examine the phase-control maps to great depth. Be aware however that the deeper you iterate the functions, the longer the display takes to develop.

You will already be familiar with the cursor and the display of the horizontal and vertical coordinates, as well as the marker that may be placed by the mouse button. The zoom feature makes use of the same mouse button. To magnify any rectangular region of the drawing area to fill the whole area, place the cursor at one of the corners of the area to be magnified and holding the button down, drag the mouse to the opposite corner. A rectangular box will expand, showing you the selected area. Releasing the mouse button will cause the outlined area to fill the screen and the iterations will be replotted in that region when you press the "Action" button.

If you change your mind after beginning to mark a zoom area, just drag the mouse to collapse the box either horizontally or vertically. The box will disappear and releasing the mouse button at that point will simply clear the marker, not causing any zoom to take place. After you have zoomed in on a small region of the map you may use the Reset button to immediately restore the original dimensions from any zoomed condition.

You will also find three buttons labeled "Q", "S" and "G". These are to select the function with which you wish to work. The logistic (quadratic) function is called by the "Q" button, the sinusoidal function by the "S" button and the Gaussian function by the "G" button. The active function is displayed in the upper left of the drawing area.