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The Java War Those of us who write online material including Java applets, and those of you who need to run those applets are caught in the crossfire of the Java war. Microsoft tried to take over the Java virtual machine business a few years ago and failed. Sun Microsystems, the original Java company, won that battle and Microsoft is giving up, abandoning their Java technology and their support for Java. All new computers will now be shipped with the Sun Java runtime environment(JRE). That means that when websites are updated, the authors must make a choice about whether or not to move up to the modern Java language, not constrained by the limitations of the Microsoft virtual machine. At M. Casco we have decided to move on, since the move will be have to be made sooner or later. Consequently if you have a computer shipped before 2004, you will probably need to download a free Java plugin from Sun and install it on your computer in order to use the applets included on this website. We apologize for any inconvenience. It seems that this is one of the prices we have to pay as customers for progress in the technology marketplace.

The following topics are covered in the Order program.


Explains how to use the program and introduces the topics which follow


Complexity in Simple Functions

Sets in the Complex Plane

Generating Fractals

Dynamical Systems