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.: A brief history of J. D. Jones


Hello, and thanks for stopping by. I am a guy who was born in 1940. For about 50 years I was educated in various schools and the U. S. military/industrial complex. After a couple of retirements I drifted into writing software, freelance consulting and skippering a charter boat. At the end of 2009 I became voluntarily unemployed and have been busy ever since. you may reach me most reliably by email at jdj@mcanv.com.

I grew up on an island on the Maine coast where I was a lobster catcher every summer from 1955 through 1961. Hmmmm... that's only six years, somehow it seemed longer than that. I worked for Bill Munsey, for George Johnson and for myself in that time. I learned to get up early and work hard, valuable lessons, but mostly I learned that surely there must be an easier way to earn a living.

caught lobster
sub surfacing

I did some college at the University of Maine , in electrical engineering. At the end of my sophomore year, in 1961, I dropped out and joined the U. S. Navy in the submarine nuclear propulsion business. I have been reactor operator, reactor controls officer, communications officer, chief engineer and executive officer of nuclear submarines.

About 1965, the Navy decided that I would be more useful if I were better educated so they sent me to the University of North Carolina where I got BS degrees in mathematics and physics. In between submarine assignments I was sent by the Navy to ABB Combustion Engineering (1 year), General Electric (2 years) and Penn State University (2 years) to teach various technical topics.


In 1981 I retired from the Navy and joined GPU Nuclear Co. to help with the aftermath of an incident you may have heard of, at their Three Mile Island site. My principle job was to teach nuclear engineering to their newly hired engineers. In 1984 I went to work for another GPU company (now Reliant Energy) as director of their Portland, PA generating Station.

While at GPU I became an adjunct instructor at Rutgers University in the Environmental Science Department and lectured at the University of Idaho on power plant operations. In 1996 I retired from GPU and began business as M Casco Associates. Under that banner I have made acquaintances all over the world, among students, teachers and professional scientists.

Kibbie Dome at U of I
the Sharon Ann

From 2004 through 2009 I operated and undersea video tour charter business using the fine vessel, shown at the left being prepared for launching in the spring. That is a 34 foot Wilbur lobster yacht rigged with a remotely operated micro submarine and a video recording studio onboard. After the 2009 season I retired from the chartering aspect of the business and use the boat now just to entertain myself, family and friends.

I have been married to the lovely Sharon for 57 years and counting. We have a son and three daughters living, respectively, in Maine, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Washington (state not DC). We have four granddaughters and two grandsons. Our cup, as the saying goes, runneth over. The family including spouses and grandchildren appear in the picture at the right.

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