Installation Instructions

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Some suggestions for trouble free installation of M. Casco Associates programs

I recommend you accept the default folder in which to install the program. All these programs have a large number of support files that will clutter up an already occupied folder. The installer knows that these programs are written for 32 bit machines and will place the files in the _x86 "Program Files" folder on a 64 bit computer.

Another step is required if you are runing Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. Our help system was written when Windows XP was the latest and greatest. To access the extensive help files that come with the programs, you will need to download and install a Microsoft help reader Select the _x86 file to download if you are on a 32 bit computer or the _x64 file for a 64 bit computer. Depending on the security system settings you have, you will probably have to "Allow" the download engine to access your computer.

After the installation is complete on a 64 bit computer you may get a notice from the "Compatability Assistant" that the installation might not have been completed. This pops up because my programs do not make use of the computer's registry. If you see this, just confirm that the installation was complete by clicking on that choice.