Diary of A.L.J. 1909

The work of a curious fellow

This page is a year's entries from the diary of Alice L. Jones, who was my father's mother. She kept a diary from 1909 into the 1970's. I have recovered 7 volumes of her effort and transcribed her very legible handwriting into these web pages. I have not corrected her word usage, abbreviations or spelling. Please send an email to jdj@mcanv.com if you would care to question or comment.

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Diary of Alice L. Jones


Dec 25 Sat.

Ben went over to Daniel Jaques. Jim & Bill went skating down to W. Bowdoin. Papa took Ben and I (me) to the depot to the 6.28 pm train. Was married in Auburn by Rev. J. True Crosby at 8 p.m. Stopped at Exchange Hotel. Fine warm evening.

Dec 26 Sun.

Stopped at Hotel. Sick about all day. Big snow storm and heavy wind. Great losses in Mass. and along coast.

Dec 27 Mon.

Came home from Lewiston at 11 a.m. Sick about all day. Ben kept Larabee's Gypsey up until Tues. a.m. Hattie Smallís baby died. Moved Jimís camp.

Dec 28 Tues.

Ben went to Chisohn. Mrs. Morgan in in the p.m. Papa hauled wood for Mrs. Morgan in p.m.

Dec 29 Wed.

Feeling O.K. Ella and papa went to the Falls after Benís new sleigh.

Dec 30 Thurs.

Oscar Douglas came to Tel. to Lewiston. Papa & I went down to Puringtonís Corner.

Dec 31 Fri.

Ma & Papa went over to Carpenterís & Rob Rideout's. Ben came home after supper from Livermore Falls.

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