Diary of A.L.J. 1951

The work of a curious fellow

This page is a year's entries from the diary of Alice L. Jones, who was my father's mother. She kept a diary from 1909 into the 1970's. I have recovered 7 volumes of her effort and transcribed her very legible handwriting into these web pages. I have not corrected her word usage, abbreviations or spelling. Please send an email to jdj@mcanv.com if you would care to question or comment.

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Diary of Alice L. Jones


Mon. Jan. 1st

Beautiful day. Everett took Freda, Jim and Sandra to mill with him in p.m. Ev- and Freda went to Denny's in eve. Herman Schultz passed away.

Tues. Jan. 2nd

Beautiful mild day. Freda, Winnie Reid and I went to P. T. A. in eve. at school house.

Wed. Jan. 3rd

Mild, light showers in A.M. Everett worked in eve.

Thurs. Jan. 4th

Dark and showery. Circle met here. Ev. And Freda went out in eve.

Fri. Jan. 5th

Beautiful day, slightly cooler. Freda and I went down St. in A.M. Called at Susie’s and Ted’s. Jim had supper at Ronny Mowatt’s.

Sat. Jan. 6th

Dark, few flakes of snow and light showers in A.M. Susan Sackett (from Winnewisser’s) came down in P.M. Doris’ baby (first) born in A. M. Donald Paul. 8# 5 oz at Osteopathic Hospital in Portland.

Sun. Jan. 7th

Snowed all P.M. and eve. Girls went to Sunday school. Freda and I went to church. Mrs. Stevens and Russell came down to lunch. Ev. and family took me to Ella’s in p.m. and stayed to supper.

Mon. Jan. 8th

22°. Snowed a little in morn. About 6 in. altogether then faired away. Charlie Barker broke his collarbone in auto accident near his home.

Tues. Jan. 9th

Clear nice day. 1° below zero. Ella and I went to hospital to see Dot at noon with Arnold.

Wed. Jan. 10

Nice day. Ella and I spent the day at Arnold’s getting ready for Doris to come home. We went to prayer meeting in eve. Lawrence Libby entered the C. M. G. to have his knees operated on.

Thurs. Jan. 11

Mostly cloudy, began snowing in eve. Bessie Libby went into the Eye and Ear Infirmary to be operated on. Mary Doughty had a baby at Bessie’s. Esther and Hazel took over. Arnold brot Doris home from hospital in the A.M. They called at Ella’s and took me home with them for a while. Joe and Eva came over in P.M. Arnold went to church.

Fri. Jan. 12

Mild, snowed very little during day. Arnold took Ella over to spend the day with us. Arnold went to annual supper and business meeting at church in eve.

Sat. Jan. 13

Beautiful day, mild.

Sun. Jan. 14

Partly cloudy. Mrs. Morrison came down in P.M.

Mon. Jan. 15

Snowed an inch or two then rained, clearing in eve. Ira and family came over in P.M. Dick and Ruth called in eve. Roy sick with mumps.

Tues. Jan. 16

Clear and windy, colder. Dot and Arnold went to Gray in late P.M.

Wed. Jan. 17

Mostly cloudy, milder. Dot and Arnold went to Gray in A.M. Janice and two older children came down in P.M.

Thurs. Jan 18

Partly cloudy, mild. Arnold went to church in eve.

Fri. Jan. 19

Beautiful warm day. Dot and Arnold went to Gray in P.M. Heard Lizzie Andrews had passed away.

Sat. Jan. 20

Cloudy, very mild, fog in eve. Arnold had Sturgis funeral in P.M.

Sun. Jan. 21

Few sprinkles in A.M. Cleared away, colder in P.M. We all went to Ella’s in P.M. (Donald’s first trip out)

Mon. Jan. 22

2° above at Webbie Morrison’s.

Tues. Jan. 23

Mostly cloudy, few snowflakes in P.M. and eve. milder.

Wed. Jan. 24

Heavy wind and rain. Dot and Arnold went to Lewiston in A.M.

Thurs. Jan. 25

Dark and cloudy. Harry Stewart, Sr. went to Mass. to have artificial arm fitted. Arnold brot Ella over to spend day. Doris took baby to Dr. Russell’s and I went to see Bessie when he took Ella home.

Fri. Jan. 26

Mostly cloudy. Doris and Johnny went to Gray shopping in the A.M.

Sat. Jan. 27

Fair, cold, windy. Doris went to library in P.M.

Sun. Jan. 28

Mostly cloudy, began snowing in eve. I finished work for Doris. They took me over to Ella’s in P.M. Ella and I went to church in eve.

Mon. Jan. 29

Snowed in night and in A.M. (about 3 ¾ in). Ella and I went to store in A.M. Roy at home sick with cold.

Tues. Jan, 30

Fair, 2° above. Ella worked at Mrs. Webster’s . Eva spent day here. Roy at home.

Wed. Jan. 31

10° below. Began snowing in P.M.

Thurs. Feb 1st

20° above, cloudy, about 5 in of snow fell during the storm, then sleet and rain. No school.

Fri. Feb. 2nd

Good day. Roy went to school (first time for week). Dot, Arnold and baby over in P.M. Ev. and family came after me in eve.

Sat. Feb. 3rd

Jim went to Falls with Ev. (haircut). First 75¢ one. Ev. played at Masonic entertainment at the Falls in eve. Freda stayed with Mrs. Stevens.

Sun. Feb 4th

Snowed about 3 in. in A.M. Beautiful P.M. Girls went to Sun. school. Freda went to Red Cross lesson for defense in P.M. I stayed in bed all day. Had hymn sing here in eve.

Mon. Feb 5th

Nice day. Ev. worked at mill in eve.

Tues. Feb 6th

Nice day, partly cloudy. Freda had dinner with Florence Currier. Mae Belle called at noon and in late P.M. Ev. Freda and Winnie Reid went to P.T.A. meeting at Library Hall, Bailey Is. In eve.

Wed. Feb. 7th

Heavy rain and gale in eve. “Wash out” at Little Is. And Lowell’s Cove.

Thurs. Feb. 8th

Cleared off, much colder. Mae Belle came down at noon. She went to Circle at Winnie Reid’s. Ev. went to Defense meeting.

Fri. Feb. 9th

Zero, clear. Ev. took Freda to Olga Kent's in Auburn in morn. He went after her in P.M. and took her to Litchfield. He played in eve. Freda called at “Griffin Home” in Topsham to see Jo Stover.

Sat. Feb. 10

Clear, 4° below. Freda spent P.M. at Mae Belle’s. Ev. went up after her, then we rode down to Land’s end. Saw big ship way out. Ella “laid up” with lame hip.

Sun. Feb. 11

Cloudy. Children went to Sun. school. Freda and I went to church. Freda went to Red † lessons for defense in P.M. Dennis spent P.M. at our house. We all went to “hymn sing” at Bailey Is. Church. Took Capt. Morrell and Ella Moore.

Mon. Feb 12

Partly cloudy. Ev. took me to Stew’s in morn. To stay with them while Harry went to Boston to see Dr. We went up to Coskery’s and Morin’s in P.M. Mary M. came down in eve. Patty Small stayed all night with Margaret.

Tues. Feb. 13

Beautiful warm day, 62°. Winnie and I had dinner a June’s. June, I and 3 children went up to Vera's in P.M. Cal brot Harry home in eve.

Wed. Feb. 14

Very light snow. Margaret stayed at Mary Young’s over night. Bill called in A.M.

Thurs. Feb. 15

Clear, 11° above. Winnie and I did washing then went to Lewiston with Mary Young, Shirley and Larry. Called to see Susie.

Fri. Feb. 16

Beautiful day. Harry Sr. Winnie and I went up to Mrs. Coskery’s to draw water for her in A.M.

Sat. Feb. 17

Beautiful mild day. Ev. Came after me in late P.M. Ruth Doughty and Gladys stayed with the children while Ev. Freda took me to Ella’s.

Sun. Feb. 18

Rain and snow mixture. Ella and I went to church in A.M.

Mon. Feb. 19

Beautiful spring-like day. Bill M. brot Doris and Donald over in P.M.

Tues. Feb. 20

Partly cloudy, mild. Ella went to Cor. In A.M. Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Currie called in the P.M.

Wed. Feb. 21

Mild, snowed a few flakes, misty eve. Mary Verrill (Donald’s wife) called in P.M. Ella and I went to prayer meeting.

Thurs. Feb. 22

Rained all day with few flakes.

Fri. Feb. 23

Mild, windy. Bill M. took Ella and me to Doris’ for day. Jane rode home with us after spending the night at Doris’. Joe and Eva came down after her.

Sat. Feb. 24

Snowed lightly in A.M. 30°+, few sprinkles of rain in P.M. Ella went to choir rehearsal.

Sun. Feb. 25

45°+. Sleet in A.M. Ella and I went to church in A.M. and eve. Doris and family over in P.M.

Mon. Feb. 26

Beautiful, 46°+. Ella and I went to store in P.M.

Tues. Feb. 27

Began snowing in late P.M. Arnold planned to take us all to Orr’s Is. But Freda called to tell us Sandra had whooping cough so Ev. + Fr. Came after me in eve.

Wed. Feb. 28

About 2 in of snow fell in morn. Most of it soon melted, nice day. Freda went to Harris’ in P.M. and spent eve. at Winnie Reid’s.

Thurs. Mar. 1st

Snowed in P.M. and eve. Freda went to Winnie Reid’s in P.M. and helped Susie H. at church kitchen. Ev. brot piano accordion home to practice on.

Fri. Mar. 2nd

About 7-8 in of snow fell – cleared away in P.M. Harry Stew– had his arm operated on again. Ev- went to Red Cross meeting.

Sat. Mar. 3rd

Mostly fair. Everett played at Falls (Masons).

Sun. Mar. 4th

Little snow and rain. Ev- and Freda went to Litch- in late P.M. they went to Cundy’s Harbor on errand (mill).

Mon. Mar. 5th

Beautiful day. Freda put in day at church vestry serving dinners to voters and at town meeting. Ev- did errands in A.M. and went to town meeting in P.M. He played at hall in eve.

Tues. Mar 6th

Beautiful day. Mae Belle here in P.M. I went to see ‘Phine’ Graves. Ev- and F- went to P.T.A. in eve.

Wed. Mar. 7th

Mostly cloudy, showery in eve. Bond baker stopped getting dinner here. Ev- and Freda went to Falls in eve. and brot Clara Stevens down.

Thurs. Mar. 8th

Nice day. Ev- went to Red Cross study.

Fri. Mar. 9th

Fair, slightly colder. Ted Chase finished moving from here.

Sat. Mar. 10

Colder, 20° and mostly cloudy, windy. Leo and family came down in late P.M. to supper and spent eve. Russell Stevens came down in eve. to stay over night. Mae Belle and Dennis came down in eve.

Sun. Mar. 11

Showery. I went to church. Mrs. Stevens and Russell went home in late P.M. Ev- and Freda went out in eve. The girls moved up into the west room.

Mon. Mar. 12

Beautiful day. I went to P. O. Sandra started school after having whooping cough. Freda and Sandra went across the bay to solicit Red Cross funds. Ev- stayed at mill in eve.

Tues. Mar. 13

Beautiful spring day. Ev- and Fr- went up to Dennis’ in eve. Mayota feverish and lost her first tooth. Pulled it herself.

Wed. Mar. 14

Began raining in P.M. Sandra sick all day, vomiting. Heavy winds and rain in eve.

Thurs. Mar 15

Partly cloudy. Freda served lobster dinner to six in eve. then had musical party. Marsh, Carrie, Frankie, Kay, Eben, Jennie, Williams and Perry. Sandra feverish.

Fri. Mar. 16

Partly cloudy. Ev- took me to Gray in early morn. Mrs. Jensen taken from Bessie’s to C.M.G. hospital at 2 A.M. Mrs. Folsom at Bessie’s. I went to Elingwood’s to see Ella in P.M. (papering).

Sat. Mar. 17

40°+, mostly cloudy, light showers in late P.M. and eve. Mrs. Jensen died about noon at C.M.G (on Fri.) I went to Ellingwood’s in P.M. and up to Ella’s in eve. with Dot and Arnold.

Sun. Mar. 18

40°+, cloudy, mild.

Mon. Mar. 19

Beautiful day. Lucy Buker passed away. Diane went home sick. Charlie and Esther came out in eve. to play bridge.

Tues. Mar. 20

Heavy rain in A.M. clearing in the late P.M. Ann Folsom went home in P.M. Bessie not feeling well.

Wed. Mar. 21

Nice day. Roy took me up to Ella’s in late P.M. Ella and I went to prayer meeting.

Thurs. Mar. 22

Snowed part of day (3in) Ella and I went to White’s Cor. Church in eve. with Dick, Lew and Mattie.

Fri. Mar. 23

Mostly cloudy, few snow flakes. Ella and I went up to Dry Mills in P.M.

Sat. Mar. 24

Dark day, light snow during night. Ella went to Cor. In morn. And to choir rehearsal in eve.

Sun. Mar. 25

Beautiful sunny day. Ella and I went to church in A.M. and eve. Howard and Lola Curtis married.

Mon. Mar. 26

Nice day, colder. Howard and Lola called on us in A.M. Doris sick. Arnold came after me in late P.M. Mavis Peaco had twin girls at Bessie’s.

Tues. Mar. 27

Nice day. Arnold took me to Ella’s after supper then to Bessie’s to work.

Wed. Mar. 28

Mostly fair. Priscilla came in A.M. and went home on the 10 P.M. bus. I went to Ellingwood’s to see Ella in P.M. Helen Davis had baby at 10:30 P.M.

Thurs. Mar. 29

Mostly fair. Ella called in A.M. on way to Doris’.

Fri. Mar. 30

Cloudy. Bessie went down to Oleson’s twice to change his bed. Ella went to Doris’.

Sat. Mar. 31

Heavy rain. Eva Verrill and Aldine moved to Geo. Ellingwood’s rent. Bessie went to Oleson’s twice. Ella went to Doris’. Mavis Peaco and twins went home in eve. Mr. Oleson passed away.

Sun. Apr. 1st

Mostly cloudy.

Mon. Apr. 2nd

Rainy day. Ella went to Lewiston with Joe and Eva.

Tues. Apr. 3rd

Rainy day. Dog team arrived in Gray on way from Alaska to Lewiston. Cecil (Mush) Moore drove 6000 miles. Diane, Connie and I went to Gardie Morrell’s barn in eve. to see them. They stayed there over night.

Wed. Apr. 4th

Mostly fair. Helen, Doris and baby went home in A.M. Ella and I went to prayer meeting (and business)

Thurs. Apr. 5th

Mostly fair. Aunt Hat spent the day at Dry Mills Ella and I went over to Susie’s in late P.M. Mrs. Lockhard, Josephine and Mary called in eve.

Fri. Apr. 6th

Mostly fair. Ella went to Cor in morn. Doris spent the day with us and they came over in eve. and took Ella and me to Cor to see graduating class off to Washington D.C. etc. at 8 P.M.

Sat. Apr. 7th

Light April showers. Ella finished collecting for the Red Cross. She went to Portland with Mrs. Lockhard in P.M. to look for chairs for the church. We went to choir rehearsal at Mrs. Weiss’ in eve.

Sun. Apr. 8th

Good day. Ella and I went to church in A.M. and eve. Mr. Ramsdell and wife showed pictures of mission work in Maine and New England.

Mon. Apr. 9th


Tues. Apr. 10

Mostly cloudy, rain in night. Dot, Arnold and Donnie over in P.M.

Wed. Apr. 11

Rained part of the day. Arnold came over in morn. And took us to their house for the day. We moved them back into the big bedroom. They all brot us home in late P.M. Gloria Grant and 2 children called. We went to prayer meeting in eve. Douglas McArthur ordered home by President Truman.

Thurs. Apr. 12

Mostly fair all day. Roy came home from Washington D.C. trip in P.M.

Fri. Apr. 13


Sat. Apr. 14

Showery, distant thunder. Ella and I went to Dry Mills in P.M.

Sun. Apr. 15

Showery. Ella and I went to church in A.M. and eve. Dot and Arnold over in P.M. MacArthur family left Japan for U.S.A.

Mon. Apr. 16

Mostly fair, showery in eve. Ella went to Dry Mills in P.M.

Tues. Apr. 17

Mostly cloudy. MacArthur arrived in San Francisco. Doris left Donnie with Ella in P.M. We began whitening kitchen ceiling.

Wed. Apr. 18

Mostly fair. We went to prayer meeting (led by Mrs. Wass). Freda, Ev- and Mayota called for me so I left early. Grampy Guenther passed away.

Thurs. Apr. 19

Rained all A.M. Roy Libby came after me in eve. Ella and I finished kitchen ceiling and cleaned it. Isabelle Walsh had a baby in eve.

Fri. Apr. 20

Cool fair day. Bessie papered back halls.

Sat. Apr. 21

Fair. Mrs. Chadburne came in P.M.. Funeral services for Grampy Guenther.

Sun. Apr. 22

Windy, mostly cloudy. Baby born in early morn.

Mon. Apr. 23

Rainy in morn, fair in P.M. Ella spent day at Doris’.

Tues. Apr. 24

Mostly fair. Lillian Peaco came in early morn. Baby born at noon.

Wed. Apr. 25

Rainy day.

Thurs. Apr. 26

Rain in morn. Then fair and windy.

Fri. Apr. 27

Beautiful day.

Sat. Apr. 28

Fair. Bessie cleaned moths out of Gladys’ rooms.

Sun. Apr. 29

Few sprinkles in night. Warmest so far and partly cloudy. I went up to Ella’s in P.M. with Dot and Arnold. Eleanor and Helen Sawyer there to take pictures of Donnie. Roy and Bessie took Harry Jenson to C.M.G to get his baby and bring it to Bessie’s to board. He stayed to dinner.

Mon. Apr. 30

Beautiful day. Lillian Peaco went home in P.M.

Tues. May 1st

Beautiful day. Mr. Libby took me to Ella’s in P.M. Ella and I walked up to see Ruth and Alta in P.M. and went to church in the eve. with Lew and Mattie to clean up vestry for annual supper and meeting. Men remodeling vestry.

Wed. May 2nd

Nice day, heavy wind. Mrs. Lockhard up in morn. Ella went to church in P.M. to work and stayed to supper and thru eve.

Thurs. May 3rd

Nice day, cooler. Ella worked at Mrs. Webster’s. We went to Legion minstrels with Joe and Eva in eve.

Fri. May 4th

Nice day. Ella worked for Mrs. Webster. Doris came over in P.M. We went up to Eva’s. Eva stayed with us in eve while her family went to minstrels.

Sat. May 5th

Nice day. Arnold and family came to supper. Ella went to choir rehearsal at Mrs. Wass’.

Sun. May 6th

Partly cloudy. Roy Libby came after me in A.M. Gladys very sick at Bessie’s.

Mon. May 7th

Mostly fair, few sprinkles.

Tues. May 8th

Beautiful day. Bessie took Gladys into Maine General Hospital in Mrs. Wilson’s ambulance with Earle Wilson and Edgar Russell in A.M.

Wed. May 9th

Nice Day. Hazel took Bessie into hospital in eve. Everett and family came up in eve. Ella was gone so we rode up on Raymond road.

Thurs. May 10

Nice day.

Fri. May 11

Rained in P.M. and most of night. Pauline Strout had baby in early A.M.

Sat. May 12

Cloudy, rainy in late P.M. and eve. Marian McDonald and Barbara Caswell had babies in the eve. Madelyn Grant Penley had second baby girl, Elanie Gloria.

Sun. May 13

Beautiful day. I went to church in eve.

Mon. May 14

Beautiful day.

Tues. May 15

Beautiful day, very warm. Pauline Strout went home in early eve.

Wed. May 16

Nice day 90°+. Laura Witham came in early morn. Esther came to help us in early morn.

Thurs. May 17

Cold, rainy day, 45°. Marion Wing came in P.M. making five babies here.

Fri. May 18

Nice day Esther came to help.

Sat. May 19

Beautiful day. Bessie went to C.M.G. with Harry Johnson in A.M. to take Billy for checkup. Esther came up to help.

Sun. May 20

Nice day. Bessie sick in bed most of the day. Esther and Charlie here.

Mon. May 21

Nice day. Esther came to work. Few sprinkles in eve. Marion Wing went home.

Tues. May 22

Mostly fair, light showers in P.M. Laura Witham and baby went home in A.M. Roy and Connie took me to Ella’s in the P.M. Julia Currie came down eve. Ella and I went over to Susie’s.

Wed. May 23

Showery in P.M. Ella varnished kitchen floor. We went to prayer meeting in eve.

Thurs. May 24

Rainy day. Ella and I went to Cor with Mrs. Brown and up to Doris’ on bus to paper her kitchen, etc. I stayed over night.

Fri. May 25

Cleared away. Doris and I cleaned house and got ready for supper for Dick and Ruth and surprise shower for Ruth in eve. Bill M. took me home in late P.M. Dick took Ella and me to shower in eve. and brot us home.

Sat. May 26

Beautiful day. We moved Aunt Hat upstairs and went up to store in eve. Mrs. Lockhard called in eve. Doris and Arnold were over in eve. to get hair hair cut. Ella had nose bleed in P.M. and eve. and bad cold so I trimmed his hair.

Sun. May 27

Partly cloudy. I went to church in A.M. to memorial service at Cong-. Ella stayed home (cold) then went to service at our church (Mr. Gifford preached). Dot and Arnold over in P.M. Ev- and family came for me in early P.M. We stopped at game farm, went to cemetery in Auburn and Uncle Howard's, then to Gramp Small’s and our cemetery lot, then to Stewart's for supper and home.

Mon. May 28

Showery. Mae Belle spent P.M. here.

Tues. May 29

Mostly cloudy. All but Ev- went to Cub Scout carnival at Red Men’s hall in eve.

Wed. May 30

Showery in eve. Leo and family, Chester and Aunt Edith came in early morn. To work on boat. Phil Rowe and family came after dinner and had supper with us. Marian, two boys and Kenneth Severy came in eve. They put the boat in the water and brot it down home in the early eve. (17 here)

Thurs. May 31

Beautiful day. All of us except Ev- went to play “The Absent Minded Professor” put on by upper grades at Red Men’s hall.

Fri. June 1st

Beautiful day. Jim went on school picnic to State House, Blaine Mansion then to Island Park. All but Jim to reception for new minister and wife (Mr. + Mrs. Wilbur) at church vestry in eve.

Sat. June 2nd

Showery. Children went on S. S. picnic at Allison’s. Ev- and Freda went up to Denny’s in P.M. Jim stayed at Ronny Mowatt’s over night.

Sun. June 3rd

Cloudy. Sandra, Mayota and I went to church, they stayed to S. S. Leo and family came at noon. We all went to Children’s Day program in eve. at church then Ev- and Freda took me to Gray. Glenys Reid stayed with children.

Mon. June 4th

Showery. Gladys came home from Maine General Hospital.

Tues. June 5th

Partly cloudy, clearing in eve. I went to Junior High graduation at Stimson’s Memorial Hall (Bessie went (Diane and Jane Mc- in class) Mrs. Reid stayed with Marilyn Pollard and baby.

Wed. June 6th

Beautiful day.

Thurs. June 7th

Nice day. Esther took me to Ella’s on eve.

Fri. June 8th

Beautiful day. Dot and Arnold took Lennie, Ella and me to Roy’s graduation from Pennell in A.M. Catherine and Stevie went with Joe. Cat- went to banquet and reception. Dot went to reception. Ella and I took care of children. Dot and Donnie stayed all night.

Sat. June 9th

Cat-, Dot and Lennie went up to store in A.M. Arnold came after Dot in late P.M.

Sun. June 10

Nice day. Ella and I went to church in A.M. (Wm. Dow, evangelist preached).Cat- and Ella went in eve. Mrs. Lockhard came up in P.M. Mrs. Wass hurt in auto accident in eve. on way home from White’s Cor.

Mon. June 11

Partly cloudy. Cat- went to Portland with Dot and Arnold in P.M. to buy stroller. Ella and I went up to Joe’s in eve. Diane went to Maine General Hospital. Evangelistic services at White’s Cor. all the week. Joe Libby ate dinner at Ella’s.

Tues. June 12

Partly cloudy. Ella went to Cor. in A.M. with Joe and to Maine General in P.M. with Mrs. Lockhard to see Mrs. Wass. Mr. Libby came after me in late P.M. to go to work. Mrs. Newell from Pownal had baby at noon.

Wed. June 13

Mostly fair. Bessie and Hazel went to Portland in P.M. to shop and see Diane.

Thurs. June 14

Light showers. Ella has bad cold in her throat.

Fri. June 15

Showery. Esther came out to dinner.

Sat. June 16

Showery in morn. Arlene Newell went home in P.M. Roy and Connie took me to Ella’s.

Sun. June 17

Light showers. Ella and I went to church in A.M. and eve. Dot and Arnold came over in P.M. Wm. Dow began evangelistic services at our church. Madelyn Penley and friend came to see Cat- in eve.

Mon. June 18

Showery in early morn. Then mostly fair. Jane came down in P.M. We all walked up to Dry Mills in P.M. Ella and I went to church in eve. Cat- and Madelyn Penley went to baby shower for Emily Maxwell Hall at Maxwell’s. Doris stayed at Ella’s to take care of children.

Tues. June 19

Nice day, 80°+. Roy Libby came after me in early morn. Marjory Bragg had a girl. Gladys spent day at Clifton’s (his birthday). I went to church in eve.

Wed. June 20

Beautiful day. 85°+. Bessie and Hazel went to Portland in P.M. I went to church in eve.

Thurs. June 21

Nice day. 80°. I went to church in eve.

Fri. June 22

Nice day. I went down St. and up to see Mrs. Webster in P.M. I took her to church in eve. to hear Jack Dow. (last night here) Showery in eve.

Sat. June 23

Rainy day, cool.

Sun. June 24

Nice day. Marjory Simpson went home in P.M. Ella had Dr. Russell in eve. (cough and fever)

Mon. June 25

Beautiful day. Roy and Bessie took me to Ella’s in P.M. Roy went to work. Cath- and Donnie staying at Ella’s. (Ella in bed) Mrs. Lockhard called in eve.

Tues. June 26

Beautiful day. Ella in bed. Mrs. Lockhard called.

Wed. June 27

Arnold came to dinner and took Donnie home. Madelyn brot Cat- home. Lew and Mattie called on way to church. Left Addie Fields for calls. Dwight took her home (Lew forgot her)

Thurs. June 28

Cloudy. Ella got up.

Fri. June 29

Cloudy. Cat- and I went up to store. Lennie went up to Jane’s for visit. Ella and I went to church to picture on Korea (missionary)

Sat. June 30

Dark and wet. Roy L- came up after me in A.M. Gladys went back to Casco. Bessie and Lucy Nilson went to Portland in eve. to Jefferson (Dem.) dinner at Falmouth Hotel.

Sun. July 1st

Bessie went to Portland with Charlie to see Diane. I went to church in eve.

Mon. July 2nd

Beautiful day.

Tues. July 3rd

Beautiful day. Blanche Hutchins. Bessie and Roy went to Esther’s in eve.

Wed. July 4th

Showery in late eve. Ella’s gang went to Notched Pond where Joe was building his log cabin. Charlie here to dinner and supper. I went to S. W. Bend with Hazel and children in eve.

Thurs. July 5th

Showery, thunder showers in the P.M. Clara Morey went home in eve.

Fri. July 6th

Cool, windy, few sprinkles. Roy and Bessie went to Portland in P.M.

Sat. July 7th

Much warmer, Roy and Patty took me to Ella’s in P.M. (all done for the summer) Ella, Cat-, boys and I went up to Pond in P.M. Blanche Hutchins went home from Bessie’s.

Sun. July 8th

Hot day. Bill, Larry and Sue came over to spend day. Arnold and family came in late P.M. and took Lennie home with them to go to Bible school.

Mon. July 9th

Nice day. Ev- and Freda came in eve. and took me home for the summer. Ella went with me for few days. Sandra Williams working for Freda.

Tues. July 10

Nice day. Mabel down in P.M. and to supper. Ella and I went to Brunswick shopping on bus. Came back with Everett.

Wed. July 11

Beautiful day. Ev- took us out in boat after supper. Sandra W. stayed with children. Ev- took Ella and me to Land’s End in eve. then to see a tuna fish.

Thurs. July 12

Rainy day. Ev- took Ella home in early morn. Mabel + Denny down in eve.

Fri. July 13

Beautiful day. Jim and Sandra began taking swimming lessons. The Parkers from the Falls down to supper then Ev- and Freda took them boating.

Sat. July 14

Nice day. The Stewarts came down to spend the day. Granville, Leo and family came down to supper. Left Gran- here. Ev- played at Brunswick.

Sun. July 15

Nice day. Had five for dinner. Sandra and I went to church. The Mitchell’s called also Leo. Ted Chase had accident on Ervin Wilson’s hill.

Mon. July 16

Fair, hot, thunder shower in eve. Miss Ely and Mrs. Turner had dinner here. Mae Belle fell at the boat yard.

Tues. July 17

Rain in morn. Clearing near noon. Ev- took me up to Mae Belle’s in morn. Dr. Richardson sent ambulance down in A.M. to take her to hospital, then Denny brot me home.

Wed. July 18

Nice day. Business picking up fast. I went to Murray’s in eve. with Ev- after eggs.

Thurs. July 19

Heavy rain and thunder storms nearly all day. Had birthday dinner for Mrs. Cole and friends. Jim spent all day at the Falls. Larry Stewart came home with him for few days. Ev- and Freda out in eve.

Fri. July 20

Beautiful day. Freda and Ev- went to Falls in eve. to see Mrs. Stevens (Clara).

Sat. July 21

Nice Day. Gram Small, Gran-, Leo and family, also Don Severy and family came down to supper. Big day.

Sun. July 22

Light showers in morn. Bill and Larry came to dinner. Gran- Leo and family came about noon. Arnold and family called in P.M. The Parkers down to dinner.

Mon. July 23

Very pretty and hot. Mae Belle came home from hospital.

Tues. July 24

Beautiful day. Freda went to Falls with Ev-. Hilda brot her home in A.M. with truck load of Clara Stevens’ furniture (Freda bot) Ev- stayed up in eve.

Wed. July 25

Nice day. Denny and Mae Belle called in eve. Sandra Williams went to work at Pirate’s Cove.

Thurs. July 26

Beautiful day. Sandra Williams gave up her work at Pirate’s Cove. Distant thunder showers in eve.

Fri. July 27

Fair hot day. Abel Grover passed away.

Sat. July 28

Rainy day. Ev- and Freda went to “pictures” in eve. with boarders from Virginia.

Sun. July 29

Ev- and Virginian went fishing in big boat. Hilda came to dinner and went home in late eve. Ev- , Hilda, Jim and I went to ride in big boat in eve. up around Orr’s Is. Bridge to get Jim’s new boat (Wallingford). Came home by Bailey Is. bridge.

Mon. July 30

Partly foggy. Business brisk. Granny and Phil Rowe took some of their boy scouts out in boat for day.

Tues. July 31

Partly cloudy. Granny and Cliff Kenny took boy scouts out in boat. Gram Small, Marian and 2 boys came down in P.M.

Wed. Aug. 1st

Showery. Gramp Small and Cliff Kenny here to lobster dinner. Ev- and Freda went up to Brunswick in eve.

Thurs. Aug. 2nd

Beautiful day. Ev- and Freda stayed home in eve.

Fri. Aug. 3rd

Mostly fair. Freda, children and I took a picnic lunch and went to Gramp Small’s lot where he was working on a cottage. Lester Curtis died at nursing home in Auburn. Ev- played in eve. at Topsham Grange. Four teachers from Wisconsin came in P.M. for week-end.

Sat. Aug. 4th

Beautiful day. 22 in for dinner. Sam Hughes and family arrived. Ev- played.

Sun. Aug. 5th

Nice day. Gramp Small down to supper. Wilfred Morgan’s place (Leeman Bard’s place) mostly destroyed by fire in early eve.

Mon. Aug. 6th

Nice day. House filled. Ev-, Freda and Winnie Reid went to Brunswick in eve. Sandra Williams started on vacation with her father to Vt.

Tues. Aug. 7th

Nice day. Cecil and Debora came in A.M. for few days visit. Rita Reid came to work. Gramp and Gram Small and Clarion Olsen and family from Minn. came down to lobster dinner in late P.M.

Wed. Aug. 8th

Showery. Mrs. Laird moved in with us, also her friend. Emerson came down to supper. He and Hilda met Mrs. Laird’s friend in Brunswick. Brot her down.

Thurs. Aug. 9th

Cleared away in A.M. House full. Hilda went home in eve. Sandra Williams came back to work at dinner after vacation (at dinner).

Fri. Aug. 10

Foggy part of day. Sandra W. got thru working here at noon. Rita stayed. Mayota went to Bruns- with Rita in P.M. Ev- and Freda went to Brunswick.

Sat. Aug. 11

Nice day. Joyce Currier came to work in P.M. Sandra went to Mitchells’ for night. Leo and family down to supper.

Sun. Aug. 12

Foggy. Hilda and children brot Sandra home in P.M. Winnie and Meredith stayed to supper. Don, Margaret and boy here to supper. Had 16 in dining room.

Mon. Aug. 13

Hot day, mostly fair. Aunt Al Copeland died in Conn.

Tues. Aug. 14

Beautiful day. Ev- took me to Stewart’s to see John and Ida Purdy. He came up to supper.

Wed. Aug. 15

Muggy, mostly fair. Ev-, Freda, Sandra and Mayota went to Falls in the A.M. Ev- came home sick, also Mayota. Hazel Johnson killed in auto accident in Cumberland.

Thurs. Aug. 16

Cloudy, thunder shower in late P.M. and eve. Ev- at home sick.

Fri. Aug. 17

Dark day. Had Dr. Phillips for Ev- in eve. Freddie Weeks and Gramp Small came down in eve. with truck load of jam.

Sat. Aug. 18

Light showers, little sun in late P.M. The Hughes left in P.M. Rooms filled. Hilda, Don Severy and family and Mrs. Stevens here to supper. Mrs. Stevens and Raymond Severy stayed down.

Sun. Aug. 19

Beautiful day. Freda and Ruth Currier took Mrs. Stevens home in eve. Rooms filled. 15 to supper. The Whitneys from Presque Isle here. (new teachers looking for house)

Mon. Aug. 20

Beautiful day, distant thunder showers in P.M. Arnold and family brot Ella, Cath- and children down for the day. Ella, Freda and children, Cath- and her boys, Dot, Raymond Severy and I rode on big steamer from Orr’s to Bailey’s. Ev- met us with car.

Tues. Aug. 21

Distant thunder showers in P.M. heavy rain in late P.M. and eve. Ev- took Freda and me to Litchfield in P.M. also Lorna Johnson, Phyllis, Sharon, Billy, Ernie, Sandra and Mayota to Bruns. To see “Alice in Wonderland”. We brot Granville back with us. Jimmie and Raymond rode to Bailey’s on big boat and walked home.

Wed. Aug. 22

Nice day. Ev-, Granny, Jim and Raymond went out fishing all day. Ev- and Freda took Granny home in eve. and took Ray to Falls to go home with his father.

Thurs. Aug. 23

Very nice day. Ev- went back to work after being out sick a wk. Rita and Joyce didn’t come in in P.M. Freda sick most of the day.

Fri. Aug. 24

Fair. Rita rode to Bruns- with Ev-. Had day off.

Sat. Aug 25

Mostly fair. Ev- played at W. Bath. Freda’s folks called in late P.M. Brot Gramp Small down to “The Eastern Amusement Co.”

Sun. Aug. 26

Mostly cloudy, heavy rain in early eve. thundered. Bill, Sue and Larry down to dinner. Gramp Small walked down in eve. Ev- took him back to camp. Johnny took Cath- and family home. Ev-, Don, Jim, Ray and Mr. Gay went fishing.

Mon. Aug. 27

Mostly cloudy and foggy. I stayed in bed most of day. Ev-, Freda, Rita and children went to Bruns-. Chet and Marian called.

Tues. Aug. 28

Mostly cloudy and foggy. Ev- and Freda took Mrs. Cathard to station in eve. Mrs. Laird went along then they went to Gramp Small’s camp.

Wed. Aug. 29

Foggy part of the day. Ev- took Jim to Falls for hair cut. Ev- went fishing in river with fellows from U. S. G.

Thurs. Aug. 30

Fair, hot day. Freda and girls went to Hilda’s for day. They went shopping in Lewiston. Leo and family and Gram Small came down after Gramp Small in eve. Merton and Beatrice had their first baby (girl) at Bruns- hospital.

Fri. Aug. 31

Fair. I laid by most of day. Ev- took me to see Dr. Phillips in eve. – bad throat and congestion in the tubes.

Sat. Sept. 1st

Beautiful day. The Dr.s Bauman and boy came in P.M. for wk-end. Rita finished work here. I stayed in bed most of the day.

Sun. Sept. 2nd

Wet day, rainy eve. House full. Ev- and Freda went away in eve. Glenys kept house.

Mon. Sept. 3rd

Wet day. Baumans left in A.M. Granny, Em and others came down to go fishing with Ev-. Joyce Currier finished work here at noon.

Tues. Sept 4th

Beautiful day. People in overnight.

Wed. Sept. 5th

Beautiful day. People in to dinner.

Thurs. Sept. 6th

Began raining in P.M. and eve. Gramp Small here to supper. Tommy Hunter here to supper.

Fri. Sept. 7th

Mostly fair, distant thunder and showery in P.M. Ev- spent the day in York at “Safety Council” meeting. Had five extras for supper. Ev- and Freda went out in eve.

Sat. Sept. 8th

Beautiful day. Ev- took us all, also Gramp Small and Tommy Hunter on a picnic in the big boat in P.M. on Island up near the Orr’s Island bridge.

Sun. Sept. 9th

Beautiful day. Had first air raid test in P.M. Ev-, Jim, Chet, Ronny went out fishing all day. They came back to supper also Gramp Small. Ev- + Freda took him to Litchfield in eve.

Mon. Sept. 10

Beautiful day. Electric pump in the kitchen gave out so Ev- stayed at home in the A.M. to hook up the other one. Mrs. Bradley left in A.M. I went to Falls with Ev- in P.M. Called at Ruth’s and Hazel’s and Lillian’s. Met Ev- at 5. Had Lunch at Micky Knox’s then went to Greene to bring Alice down for visit.

Tues. Sept. 11

Mostly fair. Roy and Bessie came down to lobster dinner with us.

Wed. Sept. 12

Hot. Nice day. Mae Belle and Denny came down in eve.

Thurs. Sept. 13

Nice day, very warm.

Fri. Sept. 14

Nice day. Ev- and I took Alice to “Land’s End” then home to Greene in eve.

Sat. Sept. 15

Nice day, warm. Gram Small called at noon with Dr. Cecil and wife. Ev- played at S. Freeport. Bert Coombs died very suddenly.

Sun. Sept. 16

Beautiful warm day. Ev- and Freda took the girls to Mitchell’s and went sporting. Jim stayed with me.

Mon. Sept. 17

Lovely day. Freda and I moved furniture. Girls moved back into their rooms. All of us but girls rode up to dump in eve.

Tues. Sept. 18

Nice warm day. Roy Mc- bot his first car (from Freddie Ayer)

Wed. Sept. 19

Beautiful warm day. Had roomers overnight.

Thurs. Sept. 20

Beautiful warm day. Ev- took me to Ella’s at 4:45 A.M. Ella and I went up to Alta’s to meet Doris and Donnie then we all went over to Eva’s. Dwight Quint plumbing Aunt Hat’s ell.

Fri. Sept. 21

Nice day. Julia Currie called in P.M. also Doris.

Sat. Sept. 22

Nice day, 80°. Ella and I went to New Gloucester in A.M. to get insurance for Roy’s car. J. P. Roberts, Mrs Roberts and her brother called in P.M.

Sun. Sept 23

Rained in A.M. then faired off, 70°. Roy Libby came after me in A.M. Lillian Cannell had twins, Billy and Bobby. (Sat. eve.)

Mon. Sept. 24

Partly cloudy, cooler.

Tues. Sept. 25

Rainy in P.M. Esther, Charlie, Gladys and Ralph here in eve.

Wed. Sept. 26

Fair, cooler. Esther called in morn. On way to airport to go to N. Y. From there to Richmond, Va. to bring back baby for the Cohens of Scarsdale, N. Y. Charlie came to supper.

Thurs. Sept. 27

Dark day, rainy eve. Charlie here to supper.

Fri. Sept 28

Nice day, cooler. Freshman day at Pennell. Ella started working in sardine packing plant at Yarmouth, riding with Cecile Brown. Charlie out to supper.

Sat. Sept. 29

Colder, mostly cloudy. Roy L. worked over to Charlie Kuch’s. Charlie came over to dinner. Lillian Cannell and twins went home in P.M. They took me to Ella’s in eve. Ella went to choir rehearsal at Mrs. Wass’.

Sun. Sept. 30

Nice day, first frost. Ella and I went to church. Mr. Petersen (Portland) preached. Roy and Judy here off and on. Doris and Donnie over.

Mon. Oct. 1st

Partly cloudy. Ella worked at Yarmouth. I went up to Dry Mills in P.M. Joe and Eva Called.

Tues. Oct. 2nd

Heavy clouds most of day. Ella worked. Roy’s truck (Doggett’s) in accident on Bath Road beyond Bowdoin College.

Wed. Oct. 3rd

Warm, mostly cloudy. Ella worked. We went to prayer meeting.

Thurs. Oct. 4th

Warm, cloudy. Ella worked part of day. Doris called. I went up to Dry mills in A.M.

Fri. Oct. 5th

Mostly fair. I rode to Cor. with Mrs. Brown to go to work at Bessie’s. Dorothy Reynolds Stevens had baby boy.

Sat. Oct. 6th

Warm, dark, misty. Charlie Kuch went to New York.

Sun. Oct. 7th

Rain in night, cooler, cloudy part of day. I went up to Ella’s in P.M. with Dot and Donnie.

Mon. Oct. 8th

Warm, sun shone part of day. Charlie came home from N. Y.

Tues. Oct, 9th

Mostly fair. Charlie called in eve. also Laura Sawyer.

Wed. Oct. 10

Nice day. Roy Libby went to dinner at Poland Springs (Central Maine Power). Dorothy Stevens went home.

Thurs. Oct. 11

Showery in morn. and eve. Roy and Bessie went to Charlie’s in A.M. then Roy brot me home.

Fri. Oct. 12

Beautiful day, cooler. Arnold, Johnny and Bill sawed Ella’s wood. Had dinner here. Doris came in P.M. I went up to store in P.M.

Sat. Oct. 13

Nice day. Ella and I went to Cor. in P.M. with Roy and Judy. Arnold and family over in P.M.

Sun. Oct. 14

Beautiful day, heavy frost. Ella and I went to church. Mr. Parsons and Horace Marshall has charge of services. Dot and Arnold here to dinner. They went to Orr’s Is. in P.M. with Roy and Judy.

Mon. Oct. 15

Beautiful warm day.

Tues. Oct. 16

Beautiful day. Ella went up to store. Doris left baby here while she and Alta went to Portland.

Wed. Oct. 17

Foggy until late P.M. Ella at home. We went to church in eve. Arnold and Bill went to Perham after new minister’s furniture (Bernard Estes). Doris stayed all night with Marian Sawyer at W. Gray. She struck a deer and killed it on way over. Julia Currie called on Aunt Hat in eve.

Thurs. Oct. 18

Foggy most of day. Doris went to Yarmouth in late P.M. to get Ella and Mrs. Brown. She and Donnie stayed over night.

Fri. Oct. 19

Nice warm day. Roy at home sick til 10:30 A.M. Doris went to Cor. for Roy in morn. then she and Donnie went to Portland to get Arnold. They were over twice in P.M. Roy Libby came after me in late P.M.

Sat. Oct. 20

Nice day.

Sun. Oct. 21

Nice day. Roy Mc- came after me in P.M. and took me to Ella’s to celebrate Ella’s birthday. Arnold and family and Judy had dinner at Ella’s. Jane Mc- came in P.M. Charlie Kuch at Bessie’s for dinner.

Mon. Oct. 22

Dark and cloudy. Charlie over to supper.

Tues. Oct. 23

Nice day, 70°. Roy L. took Bessie and me to see new Baptist parsonage.

Wed. Oct. 24

Dark and cloudy, rain in late P.M. Charlie over to supper. Mrs. Pray (patient) of Windham went home in eve.

Thurs. Oct. 25

Nice day, windy. Roy L. and Lawrence took me to Ella’s in A.M.

Fri. Oct. 26

Nice day. Catherine had her first girl (Carol Joyce).

Sat. Oct. 27

Nice day. Ella went to work early but came back. Roy took us to Cor. in A.M. Ella went to choir rehearsal in eve.

Sun. Oct. 28

Rainy in P.M. and eve. We went to work in A.M. Mr. Estes first Sunday as pastor. Dot and Donnie over in P.M. also Roy and Judy.

Mon. Oct 29

Fair, much colder and windy. Aunt Hat moved down stairs.

Tues. Oct. 30

Cloudy, few sprinkles. Ella came home at noon. Judy up in eve.

Wed. Oct. 31

Mostly cloudy. Ella at home. We went to Joe’s in P.M. and to prayer meeting in eve. then to see parsonage. Esther came home from N. Y.

Thurs. Nov.1st

Snowed about 2 in. then rained. 25 deer tagged in Gray. Hazel Libby came up after me in A.M. Joyce Girardin patient at Bessie’s also Mrs. Lester Kimble (due in Jan).

Fri. Nov. 2nd

Fair in A.M., cloudy in P.M., rain in eve. Gladys came to dinner. I went to Dr. Beck’s in P.M. to have wen on head burned out.

Sat. Nov. 3rd

Heavy rain and wind 60°+. Ev- and Freda called about 5:30 P.M. on way home from Alfred after U. S. G. Etta ___? came to supper. Gladys and Ralph came after her in eve.

Sun. Nov. 4th

Nice day. I rode up to Ella’s in P.M. with Doris and Donnie. Ella went home with Doris to supper and came home with Lew Quint after meeting. Everett and gang started up country hunting. Frances and baby stayed with Freda.

Mon. Nov. 5th

Fair. Roy and Bessie went to Esther’s in P.M. to see their Hereford heifers.

Tues. Nov. 6th

Mostly fair. 26°

Wed. Nov. 7th

Heavy rain. Dot and Arnold over in P.M. Ella and I went to prayer meeting.

Thurs. Nov. 8th

Cleared away in late P.M. Ella and I went up to store and called at Currie’s in P.M. We went to Susie’s on errand in eve.

Fri. Nov. 9th

Nice day, colder.

Sat. Nov. 10

Good day. Ella worked all P.M. and until 10 P.M.

Sun. Nov. 11

Nice day. Dot and baby over in P.M. Ella and I went to church in A.M. and eve. Ev-‘s gang got home from hunting trip, 10 of them got 9 deer.

Mon. Nov. 12

Nice day. Ella worked. Ev- and family and Gramp Small came after me in P.M.

Tues. Nov. 13

Warm, partly cloudy. Freda and I took water up to Gramp Small’s in A.M. then took care of deer meat. I stayed with children in eve. The rest went up to Mitchell’s.

Wed. Nov. 14

Light showers in P.M. and eve. Freda and I visited Bailey Is. School in P.M. Jim hurt his little finger at school in P.M. Ev-, Gramp Small and Freda took him up to Brunswick to Dr’s in eve.

Thurs. Nov. 15

Warm, partly cloudy. Ethel Linscott here most of A.M. getting ready for Sun. school party. Freda had Circle in P.M. and party in eve. Gramp Small went with Ev- in morn. I went to Winnie Reid’s in P.M. (Sick with viral pneumonia) Glenys in hospital with it.

Fri. Nov. 16

Warm, rainy P.M. and eve. Freda and I visited school in A.M. I went up to Falls to new Gym to play by “Community Little Theater” players (“The Silver Whistle”) with Ev- and Freda. Florence Currier stayed with children.

Sat. Nov. 17

Dark, very light rain. Freda in bed most of day.

Sun. Nov. 18

I went to church in A.M. Freda and children went to Sun. school.

Mon. Nov. 19

Fair, much colder. 20°. I went to Falls with Ev-. Called at Ruth Tarr’s (to see new baby) and Della Ordway’s in A.M. Called on Summer St. people in P.M. Went thru Hazel and Phil’s new house. Met Ev- at 5 P.M. Went to “Mickey’s” to supper. He took me to Alice Keegan’s for visit.

Tues. Nov. 20

Fair, cold. Mrs. (Jenny) went down town for day. Mr. Sanderson called. (church in trouble) Mr. Barton pastor.

Wed. Nov. 21

Nice day. Mrs. Staples went down town in P.M. Had prayer meeting at Alice’s.

Thurs. Nov. 22

Mostly cloudy. Ev- and family had dinner at Gramp Small’s. They came after me on way home. Dr. Chase, Ruth (Mrs. Staples daughter), and son Warren called in late P.M. Howard (Wagg) mistaken for deer and shot in fleshy part of the shoulder.

Fri. Nov. 23

Light showers in early morn. Freda went to Winnie Reid’s in P.M.

Sat. Nov. 24

Showery in A.M. Mae Belle spent P.M. here. We took her home then all went to Brunswick shopping.

Sun. Nov. 25

Beautiful day. We all left Orr’s about 11.45A.M. We had picnic lunch on Great Is. then went to church and Sun. school at Litchfield Plains, from there to Gramp Small’s then they left me at Stewarts on the way home.

Mon. Nov. 26

About 4 in. of snow and some rain. No snow at Bowdoin Ctr. or Falls. Making new road as far as Bill Small’s hill.

Tues. Nov. 27

Much colder, heavy wind. Winnie and I went up to see Nettie Allen at Mary Morin’s in P.M. then to Mrs. Croskery’s. Lucien Morin in hospital. Tree fell on him.

Wed. Nov. 28

Beautiful day, milder. Winnie and I went to Wheeler’s in P.M.

Thurs. Nov. 29

Nice day. Winnie went up to Croskery’s in A.M.

Fri. Nov. 30

Nice warm day. Winnie and I went to town with Harry. I came home with Ev-. Left her at Cal’s. Byron Lewis passed away at Augusta State Hospital. Howard came home for week-end from Portsmouth Navy Hospital.

Sat. Dec. 1st

Beautiful warm day. Freda went to Falls with Ev-. They stayed all night at Gramp Small’s.

Sun. Dec 2nd

Nice Day. Ev- and Freda came in A.M. Brot a little pup to Jimmie for Christmas present. Named her Hannah. Ev- cut up pig in P.M. they bot of Granville. Freda, children and I went to Sun. school. Had service at our house (12). Frances, Leo and Jerry setting up housekeeping in Gardiner.

Mon. Dec. 3rd

Nice warm day. Mae Belle spent P.M. here.

Tues. Dec. 4th

Partly cloudy, warm. Freda had S. S. teachers’ meeting in P.M. I went to see “Phine” Graves in P.M. Ev- brot Brenda down for visit. He and Freda P. T. A. in eve.

Wed. Dec. 5th

Cloudy, showery in eve. very mild.

Thurs. Dec. 6th

Rain during night, showery in eve. No school, very mild. Freda and Brenda went to sewing circle. Ev- and Freda went out in eve.

Fri. Dec. 7th

Foggy and dark, showers in eve. Freda and I went to Red and White in late P.M.

Sat. Dec. 8th

Beautiful warm day. Ev- took us all up to Mitchell’s and left us. He came up at noon and took all of us, Hilda and Winnie to Lewiston Christmas shopping. Freda and Winnie Reade went to S. Freeport in eve. with Everett to play at dance.

Sun. Dec. 9th

Showery. Mayota and I went to church, the children all went to S. school. After dinner, Freda, Ev- and I went to Mitchells’ and got Cecile and took me to Ella’s. Called at Doris to see a coat. Edna and Viles down to Ella’s to dinner. Ella went to church in eve. Lew and Mattie gone to S. Portland for winter.

Mon. Dec 10

Beautiful day, colder in eve. Ella and I went to Lewiston shopping with Doris and Alta and their babies in P.M.

Tues. Dec. 11

Partly cloudy. Doris left Donnie here in P.M. while she went to Portland. Cecile Brown called in P.M. collecting money for Francis Lund (16) who had a tree fall on him breaking both legs and other injuries.

Wed. Dec. 12

Good day. Susie Quint called in P.M. Aunt Hat went to Curries in P.M. Ella and I went to store in late P.M. and to prayer meeting in eve.

Thurs. Dec. 13

Fair, much colder, 10° above. Hazel Lobby came after me for Bessie in morn. (Christell Buck from Portland – patient). Tramp called Ella’s in early eve.

Fri. Dec. 14

Mostly cloudy, began snowing in eve. Ella spent day in Portland with Mrs. Wass and had supper with her.

Sat. Dec. 15

Snowed in A.M. (7-8 in.), about 12° above all day. Esther and Charlie out to supper.

Sun. Dec. 16

Clear and cold. 10° above in morn., 3° below at night. Bessie and Roy sick. Esther and Charlie called.

Mon. Dec. 17.

Clear and warmer. Esther and Charlie over in eve.

Tues. Dec. 18

Snowed most of day, sleet and rain in eve. Mrs. Buck and baby went home in A.M. Roy Libby took me to Ella’s in P.M.

Wed. Dec. 19

Clear and cold. Doris and baby came over to dinner. She took Ella up to Joe’s and store in P.M. Ella went to prayer meeting then helped decorate the tree.

Thurs. Dec. 20

Partly cloudy. Ella and I went to Portland shopping with Doris. Began snowing in late P.M. Ev- came after me in early eve. Vera Walker passed away.

Fri. Dec. 21

Rained some, mild. Ev- and Freda went to birthday party for Jennie Carlson.

Sat. Dec. 22

Fair, colder in P.M. Ev- and Freda went shopping in P.M. then to Gramp Small’s to supper. Came home early and took us all to Brunswick to see “Rhubarb” at Cumberland.

Sun. Dec. 23

Clear and colder. Freda, Mayota and I went to church. Fr- and children all went to S. school. Ted Chase called. (Getting ready to go to Florida}

Mon. Dec. 24

Fair, colder in eve. Jimmie went to Falls with Everett. They came home at 1 P.M. Ev- and Freda went out in P.M. We all went to church to Christmas tree in eve.

Tues. Dec. 25

Nice morn. Began snowing in early eve. We all went to Mitchells’ then to Chester’s for dinner and buffet supper. Gramp Small’s family there, Leo’s family and Don Severy’s. Aunt Edith. Kate Bubier and Ben Benson.

Wed. Dec. 26

About 5 in. of snow fell during night. Cleared off in P.M. Ev- and Freda went to Mae Belle’s to supper.

Thurs. Dec. 27

Nice day, colder. Ted Chase came up to venison steak supper. Sandra sick in eve.

Fri. Dec. 28

2° above at Orr’s - 13° below in Portland. Ev- took me to Bessie’s in morn. (Mrs. Sykes, patient)

Sat. Dec. 29

Milder in P.M., snowed 4-5 in. during day. Bessie sick (sore throat, chills etc) Charlie and Esther sick.

Sun. Dec. 30

Showery in night and rainy eve. Bessie in bed most of day. Doris called.

Mon. Dec. 31

Nice day, mild. Bessie sick in bed most of day. Roy called in P.M.

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